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About Us

Papich Construction, with its commitment to client satisfaction, quality, and community, has earned a respected industry name as a full-service general contractor.

Our diverse resume of successfully completed projects ranges from single-family home site development to complex design build-bid-construct infrastructure improvement projects. Owning and operating one of the largest equipment fleets in California combined with vertically integrated construction material resources allows us to provide competitive solutions to a wide range of projects. These projects consist of Earthwork, Underground Wet-Dry, Structural concrete, flatwork, paving, construction management services, and many other construction project solutions.

Papich Construction has a reputation for working diligently to provide a complete turnkey product to our clients and completing quality projects both on schedule and under budget. We will function as a general or subcontractor depending on customer requirements, and when a project calls for work outside the scope of our abilities we use only highly skilled subcontractors.

In addition to the reliability of our service, we are able to provide complete construction management of our projects. We stay on top of the curve by applying the use of technology and software in estimating, scheduling, and material & equipment control. This ensures the accuracy of our construction budgets and the proper allocation of resources for every project.

Papich Construction

Why choose us?

  • Prominent and well-respected reputation
  • Enjoys an excellent rate of repeat business
  • Experienced Project Managers with a wealth of construction knowledge
  • Exceptional productivity due to highly skilled Equipment Operators and Laborers